Want a Chic Lap Pool? A Pool-Side Sunken Living Room is All You Need

Benjamin Franklin loves swimming very much he considered to open a swimming school. Luckily, he didn’t pursue this or we won’t see him as the father of electricity but as the first world class river swimmer. When he was in England, he swam the Thames, from Chelsea to Blackfriars for a distance of about 3.5 miles. Quite a feat.

Ben Franklin apart, you don’t have to go to the river for a swim now. You can make your own swimming pool, even in a limited area of your house. A lap pool. This exercise pool now is getting popular, complete with its additional feature. In the following article, we’ll take you to see one of the most charming lap pool feature, a sunken living room.

1. A Neat Minimalist Pool with Sunken Living Room

To add the minimalist tone and the clutter-free air, set your living room in sunken mode like this. Designed by OFTB for a home in Brighton (Australia), this sunken living room also offer you a more open view.

2. A Self-contained Sinking Living Room

This lap pool has everything you need of a comfortable pool: long enough pool to get enough exercise, a spa for utmost leisure time, and even an outdoor kitchen. All these features are in compact and seamless designs.

3. Transparent Panels Separating the Living Room from the Pool for Continuity

For continuous view, the occupants of this living room need to have open view all around. For this purpose, the sunken living room is enclosed with transparent acrylic panels. This panels allows you to see the pool freely and serve as your snug haven when the air get colder. This living room even has a Scandinavian style fireplace. Nice.

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In the image below, you can really see how the sunken lounge is at eye level with the swimming pool, making it a great space to relax.

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