6 Awesome Pools Design Ideas With Island Platforms

Once Aristoteles asked on his ideal resting place after he died. “I’d like to lie down on a small island full of flowers, surrounded by s restful pool.” That’s it. It’s great setting to enjoy your time for eternity.
But, now you can enjoy the blissful ideal of Aristoteles here, with all its varieties –and without having die first. Here we offer you 6 pools with island platforms for your homes (or your hotels). Let’s see.

1. Modern Minimalist Pools with Island Platforms in Modern Mediterranean Style

This island platform of Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bodrum (Turkey) rooftop pool will be your first love. You have warm and open view with this pool and platform designs. Whether for a leisure dip or just enjoying the time, this pool Designed by Scape Design Associates is your perfect one.

2. Contemporary Pool with an Island Platform

Complete your contemporary house with a minimalist pool, just like the one designed by Canny Architecture and Integrated Pools, Australia, here. You’ll have a pool with minimalist floating deck or island platform, a nice to enjoy time after a hectic day.

3. Tropical Pool with Cushioned Island Platform

Long Beach Hotel (Mauritius) give you a great idea to relax and tanning in a luxurious setting. This pool, designed by Keith Interior Design and Stauch Vorster Architects, offers several stylish and cushioned island platforms for a comfortable resting place while enjoying the sun.

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4. Water-Level Island Platform for Nicest Visual Continuity

To get flatter and nicest visual continuity, put a water-level island platform on it. Try this design from Renato D’Ettorre Architects (Australia) for a start. You’ll get far relaxing area to retreat to.

5. Minimalist Interlocking Stone Island Platform for Your Infinity Pool

To have an infinity pool is a thing of beauty. To have it in your rooftop is superb. Put some interlocking stone island on it, like this design by Busch Design Build Inc. (California), and you have a perfect pool.

6. Pool with Island Platform with Hot Tub

Add your pool with a hot tub area and it looks luxurious. In this example you have a hot tub sits side-by-side with an island platform designed by DSDG Architects (Tampa, Florida). Love the minimalist design?

Inspiration from a home in Tampa, Florida, designed by DSDG Architects.

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