17 Creative Bullet Journals Monthly Layout Ideas

Making a monthly journal will be something very exciting. It will be so fun, and you can rewind it in the next years then smile of what you have written in your own journal back then. You can remember everything happen and was going on in your life you can memorize.

Bullet journal is a very creative idea you need to try to make a super creative journal monthly layout. It is a very good idea for kids and even for adult. Well, a bullet journal will be good for adult to make your journal looks eye-catching, well-organized and creative. This is also a very good way to document your life. Making a cool bullet journals also can exercise your creativity, you can make it stronger by practicing it more often. Creating bullet journal monthly layout can be done so interestingly and fun. Here are some ideas you about it.

Monthly layout from Bujo Expert



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See how this best bullet journal monthly layout was created. You can learn from the best and then copy it to yours. Starting by making the list of number and days, then continue by making outline and tables needed. Fill it with artistic handwriting, you will see how it appears beyond creative.

September Plan Bullet Journal

Think for the collage look bullet journals monthly layout. It has less structured with the more artsy feel. This kind of journal is a perfect life document for free spirit one.

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Simple Minimalist Bullet Journal


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You also can try something simple and minimalist, yet sophisticated, like the bullet journal in here. It has good graphic so you can add your activities as simple as it looks. This bullet journal is very stand out with very good art look as well.

Full Page Monthly Layout


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Featuring the full page with artistic word of month is something very excellent. Everyone will love its look very much, as you also can see a very eye-catching page on it. How about the events and your daily routine note? You can simply write it as log and mark several very important occasions such as birthday, events, etc.

Illustrated Tittle Page


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Illustrating the tittle of page is something very fascinating. It has high artistic look which successfully add cuteness to your bullet journal monthly layout. You also can try this one on your own.

Sweet and Simple Bullet Journal Monthly Layout


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Something simple but sweet is always people’s favorite choice, especially girls. You will love this simple graphic so you can easily add your daily routine. With touching wording and simple color selection, this bullet journal is super lovely.

Linear Bullet Journal Idea


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Try also for something clear and liner. A linear bullet journal monthly layout is a very good idea you need to try to make it a very stunning thing you have to document events in your life. The tracker is a very brilliant idea, so you can track everything happen to your life including your mood and healthy eating habit.

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Stickers for Bullet Journey Monthly Layout


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To add charm and cuteness, you do not only be permitted to make it hand-written. Even you can choose many kinds of stickers you can add to your bullet journal. Do not feel frustrated, making your bullet journal appears stunning and beyond creative will be very easy by using stickers. There are some sticker sellers in online, you can choose one according to your personal style.

Simple Bullet Journals for Beginners


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You do not need to feel frustrated where to start your own bullet journal monthly layout even when you are barely no experience about it. As beginners, you can try making a box that includes month, goals, to do list, motto and also bucket list of the month.

Unique Visual Bullet Journal Monthly Layout Ideas


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Graphics and tables are usual to present a bullet journal layout. You can try something unique, different, sophisticated and unusual by making this fun visual alternative bullet journal. Try to make this by yourself, let’s practice!

Calendar Alternative Monthly Layout


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Nothing to do and feel like want something simpler yet easy to read and understand, you can create calendar monthly layout. It is just as simple as you see, with its appearance like graphic in calendar. Simply fill the date and make the month as artistic as you can. Then, you only need to fill your events in the box according to the date.

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Bullet Journal Illustration

Making an illustration is a super creative idea to make your journal appears fascinating and eye catching. You need to learn several patterns and style, then practice about how to make it by using your hand. Keep practicing! Find some video tutorials in Youtube, it will be very helpful.

Swipe to See the Entire Journals


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Click and slide this photo to see the entire bullet journal monthly layout ideas. The set up of this bullet journal is very chic and creative. It includes the monthly layout, trackers and reminder. You can set up your own tracker to note every mood you face the days.

Non-Traditional Minimalist Layout


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Try also for a non-traditional minimalist bullet journal monthly layout. Its minimalist arrangement is very eye catching. Fill the layout with your monthly spread and many kind of contents.

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