25 Dressing Room Design You Shouldn’t Ignore

Maybe some of you didn’t know about the importance of a dressing room. For your information, the dressing room usually created by the people who like to collect various clothing and accessories.

Not only build an ordinary dressing room, but the people also like to choose the dressing room design that matches their taste.

The choice of the dressing room design itself has an impact on the people. Who will know that the choice of the design will make you feel pleasant while choosing the clothing and accessories?

Also, the design of the dressing room usually specifically built to keep the clothing and accessories not damaged and maintained the quality of its products.

Well, about the choice of the design of your dressing room, you can take a look at some of the unique and the design below. Make sure if the design matching your taste and your home decoration or theme.

1. All in Pink


Most of the girls or women in this world are loved pink. Some also say that pink is the new black. That’s why most of the girls or women tend to choose pink themed to design their dressing room.

Talk about “All in Pink” design, you can place closet in both sides of the wall. You can choose a closet with a mirror on it or just the plain closet doors.

To create “All in Pink”, it will better if you choose the pink closet. But, for you who want to create something different, you can choose white closet and complete it with pink decorations and other furniture. For example, you can put a pink viscose rug to fit out the white closet.

2. The Luxury in White


The dressing room is not used only for a woman; some of the men also like to collect various clothing and accessories.

That’s why some people try to find a simple and universal design. When you have the same idea, it is better to design your dressing room in white.

White is a neutral color that can be used by both men and women. You can choose a mirror or plain closet with the same color.

To make your dressing room look more attractive and interesting, you can mix it with other furniture in different colors but still belongs to the same shade. For example, you can pair the white closet, a white round ottoman, and the grey rugs.

3. Minimalist Dressing Room for a Man


As I mentioned before, some of the men are like to have their own dressing room.

Different from the dressing room for women who decorated with some stuff and complex pattern or ornament, men tend to choose the simple one.

Compared to using a door closet, many men choose to use metal closet organizers.

This kind of closet organizer will help you to put and store the clothes easily. This also will make the room look wider.

If you interesting to apply this dressing room design, combine it with wood furniture in the neutral color.

4. Don’t Have Any Space in Your Room? Try to Create Your Own Dressing Room!


Do not worry if you don’t have any space left for your dressing room. You can use the small space in your bedroom.

Try to avoid the closet which will make the room look crowded. It will be a better option if you try to place a portable closet wardrobe.

Especially if you choose the portable closet wardrobe which has shoes rack in the bottom of it.

You can also place some wall hanger to store your clothes. Last, put a wide standing mirror or dressing table mirror to make your dressing room bigger and spacious.

5. Classic Themed for the Nobleman


Place an ornament woody closet is the best choice to create a classic dressing room design.

You can choose the open closet wardrobe with the same themed. But, for you who want to keep the clothes in the best way, try to put the plain rustic closet. Don’t forget to place a wide mirror in the corner or in the center of the dressing room.

6. Mini Dressing Room in the Bedroom


For you who don’t have any other room to create a dressing room, you can try this idea. Try to place some open closet organizer.

This kind of closet organizer usually made of a metal frame that you can customize by adding some storage box or metal hanger.

7. The Antique Style


It will be different if you try to create a dressing room with an antique touch. Instead of using the rustic closet, you can place an open closet made from wood. This kind of closet will help you to store and manage the clothes and accessories easily.

This kind of theme will go perfectly if you combine it with some wood furniture. You can also add some stuff which has the same shade. For example, some stuff in yellow, brown or maybe cream.

8. Simple Chic Dressing Room for Your Small Room


If you just have a small room for the dressing room, you can try to apply this idea. Instead of placing some wood closet, you can put a metal frame closet. This kind of closet will make your dressing room looks wider and neat.

You can also put a standing mirror in between two metal frame closets. To create something chic and luxurious, place a small chandelier and acrylic dressing stool. Don’t forget to put a patterned rug to add some catchy ambiance.

9. Dressing Room in the Bathroom? Why Not?


Some of you may often feel uncomfortable when changing clothes in a different room. No wonder if this problem becomes the reason why some people build dressing rooms in the same room with bathrooms.

However, there are several things that must be considered so that the collection of clothing and accessories is not easily damaged considering the bathroom area has high humidity.

Creating dressing rooms in the bathroom will go perfectly if you apply the dry bathroom concept. In addition to preventing water from flow to the wardrobe cabinet and ruin it, this bathroom concept also decreases the level of humidity in the room.

Also, it would be better if you use a bathtub compared to a shower to avoid the amount of water that will splash your wardrobe cabinets.

10. Touch up Your Dormitory


Dormitory rooms usually do not have a large space. This problem, of course, will make you have to find ways to maximize the use of the room properly. Including, building your own dressing room.

You can deceive it by placing an open wardrobe equipped with drawers and hangers. You can put this wardrobe in front of the bed or on the one side of the wall. To make it look more attractive, place a body length mirror near the wardrobe.

11. Don’t Worry, Be Purple!


Some women are likely to choose purple to decorate their own dressing room. Not only enhance the elegance of the beauty but purple also often associated with queen characteristic, such as the wisely thought.

For you who interested to apply this color to decorate the dressing room, you can try to place the purple furniture.

12. Get into the Green Scene


Green is representing peaceful and reminds you of nature. Related to this, a lot of people usually give a green touch in their dressing room.  You can mix the white open closet with a green sofa or rug.

14. Princess Inspired Dressing Room


You also can try to create a princess inspired dressing room. Just place a French armoire wardrobe and French dressing table. To enhance the luxury touch, you can use faux fur rag in soft color.

15.   Back to the Victorian Era


The combination of Middle East touch and Asian style is the point to create a Victorian dressing room.

For you who love the Victorian style can use some Victorian style furniture which has ornate cravings and uses dark woods. This style also goes perfectly in gold and black themes which enhance the luxury ambiance.

16. Out of The Blue


Boring with all white or monochrome dressing room? You can try to mix the neutral color furniture and stuff with something colorful. For example, you can try to mix the white and light blue.

This combination will make your dressing room look more attractive. Blue also resemble the color of sky and sea that symbolizes about the wisdom and confidence.

That is why many people tend to paint their dressing room in blue to enhance their confidence.

17. Welcome to the Grey Area


Instead of black, white and brown, you can also choose grey as the neutral color. Moreover, grey also suitable to decorate your dressing room because it is often associated with formal and sophisticated. This grey dressing room also represents simplicity.

18.   Dressing Room Mirror Design


Do you have a simple wood closet? Why don’t you try to mix it with yellow stuff? This combination will add a warm ambiance so you can feel comfortable to try and mix and match your collection.

19.   Go Classic with Wood Closet


Already have a classic closet in your house? You can use it to create a classic dressing room. To finish the classic ambiance, you can add some soft lighting and classic stuff like marble center island.

Also, make sure your clothes and accessories are neatly arranged. Avoid placing a lot of accessories scattered around to make your dressing room looks more splendid.

20.   Shabby Chic Style with Pastel Color


Combining antique furniture with pastel colored stuff is the best way to create a shabby chic style. You can put three-way mirror full-length mirror with antique style and pair it with the pink closet drawer.

Don’t forget to place a sofa chair or ottoman chair in a neutral color to complete the look.

21.   Go with the Gold


Gold often chooses to represent wealth and luxury, that is why some people want to decorate their rooms, include the dressing room in gold.

For you who want to do this, you can place a closet and drawer which painted in gold. But, make sure to choose the simple design one to balance the look.

22.   Enter the Dark World with the Black


For you who love the gothic style, you can try to paint the dressing room in black. Put the black closet wardrobe; try to choose the plain one which has the simplest design and no mirror on it. You can also decorate it with a crystal chandelier or simple standing lamp with soft light.

23.   The Three in One


Instead of combining two colors, you can also use three colors. For the example, you can mix the pink, black and white to decorate your dressing room. This combination not only creates a simple and minimalist ambiance but also adding a feminine touch.

24.   The Beauty of Sunset


Sunset becomes one of the best moments that should be enjoyed. You can use the beauty of sunset color as the inspiration to create the dressing room. Just put furniture in orange, red or maybe pink color to build your cheerful and warm dressing room.

25. Just Use the Hanger!


For you who don’t have much budget to build new dressing room, you can try this idea. By putting a metal hanger in the wall, you can create an open closet wardrobe.

This idea not only makes your dressing room look simple, but this style also makes your room looks wider and neat.

You can also place a standing mirror in the center of the room to complete it. If you have many accessories to store, just place a plain drawer.

The following dressing room design above can be used as your reference to create your own dressing room.

But, don’t forget to consider some aspects before build your own dressing room, such as the style and what kind of furniture you will place in the dressing room. Also, make sure your dressing room fit enough to save the entire of our collection.

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