Awesome Garage Organization System Tips & Tricks

As you always know, garage is the hardest place in the house to keep clutter-free. As one of the main access points into the house, you can guaranty that it will always a mess without proper care.

Fortunately now you can organize your garage with some simple ideas. Try one or two (or three) of these and get your garage neat all the time.

1. Hang Your Garbage Bag

This idea from Patti from Organized Chaos Online will be great for you who always have problem in finding your garbage bag. Put then bag on the wall with a suitable rod, like the illustration.

This way, you have solve your problem. You even can fix different length rods for different garbage bags.

2. Easy Accessed Under the Shelf Jar Containers

Organize your small stuff like bolts, nuts, and the like with this idea from Chez Larsson. All you need is one or several small jars and a sturdy shelf.

Take off the lids and screw them under the shelf, like the picture. Once ready, fill the jars with your small items and unite them back with the lids. You’ll have easy accessed storage places for small stuff.

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3. Bungee Cords to Keep the Balls Organized

Don’t let the balls floating around on your garage. You step over on one of them and your beautiful day is over. Back pain is guaranteed. So, try this tips from Wendy from Designed to Dwell to organized the balls.

Bunge cords are handiest to help you keep the balls from messing the room. Use them as balls storage system, like the example. Cute and efficient, isn’t it?

4. Magnetic Strips to Organize Tool Parts

Now if you keep losing the tool parts, try this handy tool organizer from Better Homes & Gardens. Find some good qualities magnetic strips and make them your tools organizer like the illustration.

The design’s simple but effective. And you won’t have to lose your precious parts anymore.

5. Movable Shelves for Your Garage Organization System

To keep your garage neat and clean, use movable garage organization system. This system enable you organize the garage flexibly.

For example, try this system from Better Homes & Gardens. You’ll have flexible garage organizer and easy-to-clean garage.

6. Tape Dispenser for Your Neat Garage

One of the most used item in garage is your adhesive tape. It also the most neglected so you often lose them. To avoid the problem, Popular Woodworking  offers the solution with this tape box.

It comes with a hacksaw blade on its edge, to make you cut the tape easily. So, grab those tapes and put in this handy tape dispenser box.

7. Pegboard for a Neat and Space-Efficient Garage

A small garage often presents challenge. To get a roomier space, you’ll need to get more creative. If you still stuck without any ideas to organize your small garage, try this tips from The Design Files.

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Fix a pegboard on the garage wall, and you a space-efficient have tools organizer. Not only tools, you even set your favorite indoor plants on it, like this illustration.

8. A Tool Rack to Save the Room

Don’t forget to put a tool rack in your garage. If you already have a cabinet or tool box, this will be a great way to store your tools.

This tool rack from Ben from Homemade Modern is a perfect example. It is simple and won’t eat your garage. To make it, you only need a piece of wood and a drill. Want to try?

9. Gardening Tools Organizer for Your Garage

Garage often get messy from the disorganized gardening tools. This tips from Newly Woodwards  helps you to overcome the problem.

It’s a safe rack and it’s easy to build with the available materials in your house. Now if you want to make your garage more organized, do make this tools organizer first.

10. Linoleum Wall for a Fresh Garage Look

To get rid of the cold and damp air of the garage, put something refreshing on it. Try this simple idea of Handmade Charlotte, by putting linoleum wall on its wall. And then you have a fresh garage.

You also have an easy-to-clean garage wall. Glue some clipboards for handy lists or instructions. You’ll have functional cute wall accents.

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