9 Infinity Pools Design Ideas with Stunning Views

Some said this beautiful pool has been around for a while, even from 17 century, in a chic French garden. Some other said the first designer of this pool got his/her inspiration from the scenic terraced sawahs/rice fields in Bali. For sure, we can’t pinpoint the origin of an infinity pool. All we know is that this pool often offers superb view for you. Here’s 9 inspirations of infinity pools with some of the most awesome views.

1. Luxurious House with Flat and Expansive Infinity Pool Facing a Beautiful Valley

This infinity pool designed by Ramon Esteve Estudio offers a breathtaking view from the side of a luxurious house in Costa Blanca, Spain.

2. Minimalis Rustic Infinity Pool

Ana Paula Mello and Flavia Frauches build this infinity pool on a hill house commanding a superb view in Brazil.

3. Contemporary Industrial House with a Minimalist Infinity Pool

Without an infinity pool, your hill house would be a pity. Try this infinity pool inspiration, designed by ROBLESARQ for a house in Costa Rica.

4. Infinity Pool Overlooking the Sea in Saint Tropez

To have a home in this place certainly is a boost for your personality. And having it with an infinity pool like this one designed by Vincent Coste for a home in Ramatuelle, you’re truly the man of the show.

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5. Infinity Pool Inspiration from Pattaya

To have an infinity pool in the hot tropical spots is to have an ice cream in your hottest days, it’s so refreshing. This rooftop infinity pool is your tropical dream, built by TROP for Hilton in Pattaya, Thailand.

6. Refreshing and Calming Infinity Pool

This New Zealand villa offers you the peaceful New Zealand plus its beautiful sea. Enjoy all of these from an infinity pool (designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects.) is an unforgettable moment.

7. Rustic Minimalist Resort with Infinity Pool

This minimalist resort in Koh Samui (Thailand) offer all you need to get out of your hectic living for a while, The infinity pool designed by MAPS Design here complete your peaceful day.

8. Soothing Infinity Pool for Perfect Relaxation

Pedro Reis built this secluded infinity pool in Portugal just to ensure you to have the perfect peace of mind while enjoying a dip in it.

9. Infinity Pool for a Calming Haven in the City

This penthouse infinity pool serves well for your sanctuary from the humdrum of city living. This pool designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects and located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Photography by Amit Geron

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