Modern Minimalist Bathrooms

Owning bathroom with modern minimalist design brings special relaxation into your home.

Sometimes it is kind of hard to clean up our body because of tiredness, but the place may give a reason to refresh your body as well as your mind.

You do not need to go to spa to enjoy small luxury; just personalize this in your area, hope you get more spirited in doing the activities here.

Some ideas for modern minimalist style bathrooms may inspire you. Two words to express this design are simple and elegant; getting matched with urban style which is dynamic and surprising.

However, it is not going to be complicated, but straight forward to suit your need in modern home.

40. Golden Hexagonal Bench Box

Putting a bench box in the bathing are is important, especially for storage away bathing stuffs, such as towels and soaps.

This bench box appears in a shiny look of gold hexagonal box. Made of aluminum material, that’s not a bad idea to do for modern houses which everything is so practical and simple.

39. Marvelous Rooftop Bathroom

Dark and gloomy is no longer exist in the dictionary of this rooftop. Its mini room and sloppy roof turn out to be a cool bathroom with the sky view.

While bathing up your body, you are able to enjoy the stars at night and be enlightened by shiny sunlight.

38. Shining Light Blue Bathroom

Blue is the perfect hoes for the bathroom. It is because blue has matching element with the water; calm, deep, and kind.

The room seems welcoming everyone who enters this area. Helped by well lighting design, it makes it brighter and festive.

37. Wooden Blocking with Open Cabinet

Besides installing tile wall, utilizing wooden material for substitution is also the best thing to do.

Woods block the whole part and just left some spaces for the vanity and for the closets. The unique thing is the built-in shelves that can be storage away the bathing stuffs.

36. Lighting Behind the Mirror

It is endless dealing with the lighting ideas. One of them can be shown in here behind the mirror.

The lamp is invisible, but light comes out gracefully. Moreover, it reflects little yellow light surrounding the mirror. Everyone looking at this must get astonished.

35. Being Brave with Red Velvet

Are you dare enough to reform your bathing area? Red is just amazing by means of bravery and dignity.

Meanwhile, the dim light is only few to let the silence speak by itself. This one may totally improve the way you think of an ideal bathroom.

34. Modern Japanese bathtub

Get some relaxing moment in the Japanese bathtub, and forget your hustle bustle.

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This soaking tub characterized with its square shape in a small scale looks so cool among the cozy surrounding.

The nuance helps to calm your body and soul. Thanks to the great lighting installation so that the room represent the luxury of private home living.

33. Mirror to Show Off Decorative Element

In the long-narrow toilet, decorative element is necessary to enliven the ambiance.

Only in one side is enough because it makes the room tidy and clean. If one is not enough, we can use mirror to continue reflecting the beauty of ornaments.

That’s an excellent choice to save up more budget as well.

32. Minimalist Long-Narrow Toilet

Limited space may not limit our creativity to improve the room to be a sophisticated one.

Here is a toilet that looks stunning with its minimalist yet adorable properties.

See the stainless closet; it has frosted mirror for the backsplash which can reflect the single standing basin from the opposite site.

This is the way how to benefit the long narrow room with some adorable things left.

31. Owning Green Touch for the Bathroom

We tend to forget some little thing, like setting the doormat in the dry bathroom.

Here, we learn to improve functional purpose of doormat into more decorative ones by personalizing favorite color adjusted to the interior.

Among the natural look, green is suitable put on the wooden floor.

30. Monochromatic Compact Bathroom

Futuristic design accommodates all you need dealing with wet activities here.

It optimizes the function of bathing area combined with the laundromat without showing any messy look.

The properties are arranged right to the point, but still concerns on the comfort as well.

Designed in monochromatic colors in white and black, touched with wooden material, and completed with sophisticated properties, it performs classy interior.

29. Invisible Towel Rack

If you think there is no more space in the room to hang a towel, how about the space underneath the vanity?

Aside of simplicity, it easies you to take and to put the tower before and after using it.

Even though it potentially has humidity problem, installing some lights at the corner under the make up table will solve it.

28. Decorative Bathroom Cabinet

Well, cabinet is not only for living room actually. The designer proves that it is also adjustable to place it in the bathroom for decorative purpose.

Some ornaments, like small paintings and flowers, and photographs are displayed nicely on the open shelf.

Meanwhile, the half side is for the mirror, determined to have functional purpose. It helps you to do some make up here.

27. Bee Hive Styled Bathroom Wall

Art can be derived and can be performed everywhere. Here, the bathroom is being attacked with bee hive styled tiles on the wall side.

Even though they are flat, it seems blurring our sight by giving mounted-like wall. Served in monochromatic style, it makes the interior more attractive.

26. Seaweed Green for Large Mirror

It is kind of boring if only white hoes fulfilling a limited spaced bathroom. Mirror may help it with spacious illusion, but what else can we do?

Here, here! Seaweed green on the top and bottom side works hand in hand with the mirror.

Mirror becomes alike with home theater, and the sweetest thing is a bouquet of white flower. This will be must-have design to improve the look of boring bathroom.

25. Wide Mirror in White Themed Bathroom

Here you are free to mirror yourself without any distraction. It is because of the amazing wide mirror in a white-themed bathroom.

24. Stylist Rustic Wooden Material for Bathroom

Wooden materials is rich of rustic elements. It is not surprising that each theme collaborated with wooden material leaves deep impression for people.

Take an example of narrow yet long vanity; the counter top can be set up for other decoration, such as plants and ornaments.

23. Yellow Accent to Boost Your Mood

Bright yellow symbolizes cheerfulness and happy soul. Yellow in the bathroom is also purposed to enliven the mood.

Placed separating wooden cabinet and the square white tiles, this color wraps modern theme and rustic together in one contemporary design.

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22. Empty Space to Storage Away

Empty space under the flying-designed vanity is beneficial to storage other stuffs. For example, you may save a chair in it.

Another benefit is, when the space is not too narrow, we can put a box filled with chemical liquid bottles that usually used to clean up the rooms.

The point is the space can be personalized to suit your need. Do you have any other idea on how to maximize this?

21. Classic Round Table-Mounted Basin

Perhaps, only few is set up in the vanity, but better we still have artistic value to make it more expressive.

Round table-mounted basin made of white ceramic has special attraction when attached in modern toilet.

Its shape is surprisingly standing out. This kind of ceramic basin also has various designs; oval, wavy, or square. You can adjust it with your taste.

20. When Black Married to the Nature

Natural material is such a rich of elements which may create luxurious look; like this one with shiny black themed and marble.

Black is actually not the first option to pick to design a small room. However, thank to white grey marble that balancing the mood and giving spacious illusion.

19. Green Tiles for Simple Bathroom

Let’s have some colorful ideas to decorate a mini bathroom!

This one opts olive green tiles to style simple shower room; not so stunning, but contains elegant look that can be matched to other colors, especially with other natural hoes.

It becomes an excellent idea to beautify the room without having a lot of properties.

18. Doorless Shower Idea

When all spaces inside the house are connected, nothing becomes burdening to be hidden.

It describes freedom and sincerity at the same time. The bathing area is also not an exception.

That is why bathroom with door-less concept becomes something borrowed to invite distinctive nuance.

17. Flying Model Bathroom Properties

Inspite of the popularity, flying-styled design is a part of innovation that shows futuristic yet adorable interior.

Underneath spaces are just left; it accentuates the theme of contemporary urban design.

Don’t mind about dusts and dirt which are sometimes unavoidable; of course, still you can clean it up without any distraction.

16. Modern Closet Merged with Vanity

It looks uncommon sight by owning closet that is getting along with vanity. However, it successfully breaks such formality, and even it brings something unique and fresh.

Harmonious view also appears in this interior since added by wooden material to cover up the empty space under vanity as well as to attach the closet.

15. Elegant Spacious Bathroom

Big family will be happy for having spacious bathroom. The interior is completed with double furniture, such as closet and basin.

What makes it more interesting is we can see the scenery outside through a wide window.

You will never get bored to feel sensational bathing in the bathtub and once showered by the sunlight.

14. Natural Shades to Brighten the Room

Perhaps, this is the benefit of having the bathroom in the second floor. We can have window to invite natural light coming in.

It must be so enjoyable to shower accompanied the shades of sunlight. The light even continues to the vanity space since the bulkhead is made of glass.

13. Homey Restroom with All You Need

One thing captured in our mind to see this modern spa-styled bathroom is a private restroom to relax!

This design changes perspective that bathing area is always wet. Even in here taking a nap while reading a book will be so pleasurable.

12. Light Weight Bathroom Furniture

Light weight bathroom furniture can be your way to go to make the bathroom compact without having bulky look.

Started from the lighting; long lamp attached on the wall and placed right in front of the mirror may pinpoint the bathing area.

Some other things, such as shower, open white shelf, and towel rack, complete the performance to be cooler and stylist.

11. Open Styled Modern Bathroom

Open design bathroom is suitable for free spirit men who like everything connected to each other.

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Everything seems limitless that enables you to move freely.

The space is actually not too wide, but thanks to the open styled room, it gives more spacious impression. It is just simple, reflecting the owner’s character as well.

10. Mini Bathroom with Black Accents

One says black is poetic, but black and white may romanticize the mood. That is also possible to apply this in the limited spaced bathroom, especially in modern houses that emphasize on the simplicity.

9. Cozy Bathroom in Minimalist Design

How to beautify the mini bathroom is basically by not putting too much properties in it, but let them come to the functional use merely.

We can personalize a stylist contemporary bathroom as well with excellent lighting along the corner of the top sides. It successfully creates cozy feel for the owner.

8. Extraordinary Cubic Design for Minimalist Bathroom

You must be mesmerized with this one! It is such a contemporary design that shows astonishing look with extraordinary interior in light mocha themed.

The point is on the cubic styled closet and the basin. It serves exclusive impression that give you special experience, even for simple thing like going to the bathroom.

7. Built-in Laundry Space

Let’s have some more surprises in your home! The cabinet bring a magic for utility zone.

It ends up your worry where to place electronics safely, such as the washing machine. This style adapts all-in-one idea on how to benefit the small area to accommodate privacy and household need.

6. Spacious Impression with Glass Materials

When narrow bathroom seems so boring, may the glass materials handle it. Clear glass with the considerable thickness will be the best option for the divider between the wet area and the dry one.

Not only applying such a glass wall, adding mirror is successful to bring spacious illusion towards the tiny room.

5. Getting Brighter with Natural Lighting

That is a smart way to have natural light for the modern minimalist style bathroom.

Just let the rooftop bare and the sunlight comes through the glass material; the room will be brighter and healthier as well.

Indeed, it gives you sensational experience during the bathing time.

4. Houseplants for Bathroom

It is very nice to put some houseplants for the bathroom. They work hand in hand with the white theme, so that the room looks livelier.

If you want it to be more colorful rather than own the leafy plants, you can add some flowers, such as orchid, bromeliads, or cyclamen.

However, make sure that the decoration is not going too much since it may distract your activity here.

3. Wooden Floor in White Modern Bathroom

Wooden flooring does change your mood to be happier. Once again thanks to the natural concept that invite fresh and cool ambiance!

Besides, this private area seems so relaxing. It is very appropriate for them who want to feel calm and peace every day, even they are in the hustle bustle every single day.

2. Natural Element to Enrich Minimalist Bathroom

Natural material, like marble, never fails to get everyone mesmerized. It is also so applicable for modern minimalist style bathroom.

No need to put lots of things in it, but jsust play with the sustainable elements to bring something new dealing with such a contemporary one.

1. Simple Bathroom with Glass Barrier

Having a small space bathroom will not limit your idea to make it chic. White tile for the wall helps the room looked clean yet spacious.

Even you can still separate the bathing room from the toiletries by using frosted glass or clear glass for the bulkhead.

Some decorations such as plants and lighting add artistic value towards the design.

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