15+ Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for your Lovely Nest

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Ideas – There’s a certain warmth and elegance to a rustic kitchen design. It’s incredibly welcoming and cozy, inspired from organic, antiquated textures, colors, and forms, like we’ve ever seen on a country cottage and farmhouse interior. This classic style brings a casual feel to any home, whether in the city or countryside, and appears equally chic in both small and large spaces.
As the cabinets might be the most important for the kitchen design, we’ve gathered 17 inspirational rustic kitchen cabinets to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Discover kitchen cabinet ideas that are sure to add rustic charm to your lovely nest and inspire your next renovation.

1. Maison-Chic Rustic Kitchen

Maison-Chic Rustic Kitchen

A rustic kitchen works well when paired up with off-white wooden shelves and a darker wooden floors. To add depth and proportion to the tall overhead cabinets, crown molding with the acanthus leaf pattern can be used as a great decorative element. It will add an extra touch of elegance to the already gorgeous kitchen.

2. Mediterannean Sky Rustic Kitchen

Mediterannean Sky Rustic Kitchen

A brand-new kitchen can be referenced by long-ago eras with cabinets sporting painted finish in gentle colors. Get focus on the color pallet when you bring a Mediterranean atmosphere in your kitchen. It’s recommended to use natural friendly colors, from terra cotta or other earthly tones to the light blues of the sky.

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3. The Wood-Paneled Kitchen

Wood-Paneled Kitchen Cabinet

You might think that your tiny rustic kitchen is just not big enough, but you’re probably wrong. With some wood from the siding barn for homemade cabinets and some indoor plants, you can build a custom rustic kitchen that will double your work space.

4. Antique Hardware Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets

Antique Hardware Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets

Looking for the ultimate rustic cabinets for your kitchen? Build them yourself! Collect as many as hardwoods or barn woods and galvanized metal from sheds or barns, then build yourself a set of rustic kitchen cabinets that will transform your whole house.

5. Earth-Toned Rustic Kitchen

Earth-Toned Rustic Kitchen

Marble is no doubt a classic choice for kitchen cabinet countertops. Pair it with wood stain and blend it with ceramics background to make the incredibly beautiful kitchen. The same wood used in all the cabinets provides an excellent uniformity and makes the room seem well in earth-toned theme.

6. New Colonial Style Kitchen

New Colonial Style Kitchen

The brick walls look fit into this rustic kitchen, not to mention standout as the decor of the room. The wood cabinets and shelves along with the dark colors present in the room give the entire kitchen the extra warm and inviting atmosphere that it needs. Treat yourself to a live edge countertop on your rustic kitchen to bring some classy personality to your kitchen.

7. Earl Gray Rustic Cabinets

Earl Gray Rustic Cabinets

There is something to be said for earl gray cabinets. They provide a cooler temperature in a natural rustic kithen without adding more colors to the decor. Add an excellent touch to the room with some open shelves to give the kitchen a great feel and more spacious.

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8. The Hamptons Cabinets

The Hamptons Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets don’t have to be brown wood to be rustic. A clever white can give the room a slight feeling of luxury while still maintaining its rustic vibe. The white color adds a certain amount of definition to the room, which is always good and clean.

9. Victorian Style Kitchen

Victorian Style Kitchen

Rustic kitchens have to look as if they were furnished over time. With a rough-texture that pulls together the room’s red, green, and brown tones, this kitchen does so. The wood floors, and antiqued cabinet finishes give the rustic design to the kithen, together with garish copper pans and hanging baskets that contribute at-hand utility.

10. Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets

Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets

One way to get easily rustic without hard work is to thrift your kitchen cabinets. Or even just one cupboard! Pick the one with long structured in off-white or eggshell wood and squeaky hinges for the wonderful farmhouse vibes.

11. Rustic Kitchen Gray Wood Cabinets

Rustic Kitchen Gray Wood Cabinets

Obviously gray is a popular choice for rustic cabinets because you can go even darker and it still looks great. Give the soft lighting to the kithen room to make the gray stand out more than it usually would.

12. Simple Cottage Wooden Cabinets

Simple Cottage Wooden Cabinets

White granite on a countertop is classy, not to mention incredibly functional. When blended with rustic wood cabinets and celling, the kitchen looks like an extraordinarily simple but well put together piece of work.

13. Parisian Patisserie Rustic Cabinets

Parisian Patisserie Rustic Cabinets

Sometimes the best pieces in the kitchen are the ones with story. Install these cabinets in your kitchen that have already seen action in someone else’s. They will bring a rustic vibe along with them. While the using of blue shades to the cabinets won’t make them too overpowering in the room.

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14. Mountain Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Mountain Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

This entirely dark wood kitchen cabinets has a luxurious feel to it while still maintaining the rustic vibes of the room. A washstand-style sink cabinet, stained black, highlights the copper sink and bronze-finished bridge faucet. The original window casings used a coat of English Pine stain.

15. Roughened Wood Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Roughened Wood Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen relatively sober looking in a full roughened wood. Chicken wire covers the cabinets, giving them an open look and protecting the items within from falling out. A skylight next to the cabinets lets the light spill in through the whole room, provide breezy conterpoints to solid base cabinets.

16. Bistro Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Bistro Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

This modern European style kitchen is a perfect design of the old and the new. The solid off-white cupboards and earthy tones wood countertops are both on-trend and elegant, and easily incorporated into metropolitan and rural homes alike.

17. Brooklyn Style Rustic Cabinet

Brooklyn Style Rustic Cabinet

Using brick walls, this kitchen is a little bit more spacious than the others. This one is a little less cluttered, and a little roomier, but it is still extremely good looking. Big windows allow a lot of natural sunlight into rustic kitchen rooms, making it more airy, giving its own added touch to the room.