21 Awesomely Simple Bullet Journal Spreads for Your Neat Mind

1. Need a weekly spread for your activities? Try this neat and simple spread, it’s superb

2. If you want to keep your exercise tagged all the time, try this exercise log with cute minimalist figures

3. This activity log surely will do well for your tidy mind to organize your activities

4. Need to know the relation between your sleep and your mood? Try this super minimalist chart

5. You can write down the relation of habit and sleeping pattern in this simple yearly vacation day tracker

6. This habit and sleep tracker is a handy tool to keep track the relation of your habit and sleeping pattern

7. Always on the move and don’t want to miss your items as you go? This minimalist efficient packing list is yours

8. List your interesting ideas in this Idea list tracker, it’s simple and neat

9. Need something unique for your activities marker? Try this simple and special lunar calendar layout

10. List your weekly activities or else with this simple spread, your journal will look like a comic book

11. Another monthly minimalist monthly log for you, you’ll love the simple lines and layout

12. This bullet journal layout surely will do well with you with neat and arty mind, it also looks clean

13. Not only your daily activities that need planning spreads, if you need an Instagram plan, use this efficient layout

14. A stunning way to log your monthly activities, you need to try this special tracker

15. Your daily log can be as stunning as a work of art with this simplistic and appealingly tracker layout

16. This is another sleep and mood trackers you can use efficiently, it’s with lines for more effective reading

17. Use this weekly spread to record your activities, it neat and suitable for your tidy personality

18. Try this lovely and rustic looking activity log

19. Need a good gratitude spreads? You need this stunning gratitude log

20. A lovely class schedule for a lovely mind, this scheduler is yours

21. Don’t forget to have a habit tracker, try this simple tracker layout

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